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Super Effective! evidence-based "Body by Science" workout.  The best results in the shortest amount of time. 

Super Efficient! no driving to the gym, no changing clothes. Just a 20 minute workout once or twice per week on ZOOM.

Super Fun! your own community of workout buddies meet each week live online!  Personal training attention after each class.

Super Safe! viritually zero risk of injury.

Do you hate going to the gym? Do you know you "should" work out but are not motivated?

Do you want to spend more time doing the things you do love rather than boring exercise?

Based on the "Body by Science" Dr. Doug McGuff method of bulding bone and muscle in the fastest, easiest way possible with virtually no risk of injury.

You can have great results in a short amount of time using Super Smart techniques.

Super Smart Fitness will help with:

Bone Density
Building and Maintaining Muscle Mass Strength

Cardiovascular Health
Blood Sugar Regulation
Metobolic Health
Staying Positive, Movitated and Excited
and more in just 20 minutes per week!



Your trainer is
Laura Skutch, LMT
a certified wellness and fitness coach and Connecticut licensed massage therapist


Laura Skutch is a holisitic health educator,

licensed massage therapist, wellness and fitness coach in practice for almost 40 years. She was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2016,  found "Body by Science" training and has been a devotee ever since. She sincerely enjoys helping others find their best lives at any age.

Contact: 203-505-3892

About Super Smart Fitness

Dr. Doug McGuff is an emergency room medical doctor and personal trainer who's unique fitness protocol is especially effective in senior populations, however all ages and fitness levels are using the program with astonishing results. The Body by Science method came out of  using slow motion weight training for frail and elderly men and women with osteoporosis and was inherently designed to be extremely safe. Dr. McGuff only works out once per week.

Super Smart Fitness with Laura Skutch takes Body by Science out of the gym and into your home using "timed static contractions." Dr. McGuff believes TSC to be as effective (and possibly even more so if done properly) as a Body by Science gym workout. No weights are needed. Equipment requirements are straps and yoga blocks (or initially can be pillows and a belt.)

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"We can take someone who is 'walker dependent' and make them 'walker independent' in 6 - 12 weeks.
Dr. Doug McGuff, June 2020.

"Once we increase severely de-conditioned adults strength by about 40% which, which is very easy to do, they spontaneously and organically become more active as a result." Dr. Doug McGuff, June 2020.

Lecture "What is 'Normal' Is Not Common"
Dr. Doug McGuff   

In this excerpt from the lecture "Area Under the Curve"  Dr. McGuff shows the amazing fitness potential available at any age through the Body by Science approach. 10 minutes watch time.

"The Body by Science protocol positively affects all 10 'biomarkers of health' as identified by the American Council on Aging: muscle mass, strength, bone density, body composition, blood lipids, hemodynamics, glucose control, gene expression and brain factors." Dr. McGuff, November, 2019.


"Super Smart Fitness has been a great experience. I am definitely feeling stronger. I love the community and the energy that they give me to stay motivated. I really like that it's a short workout and I know I will stick with it."
Liz H.


"I've been doing the Super Smart workout with Laura for about three months now. I am truly pleased with the results. I find it an efficient and effective way to exercise. I had worked out regularly in a gym and find this workout more focused in less time. I feel stronger and and it has helped to relieve an ongoing leg issue. I enjoy the workout, the support provided and being part of the Zoom group." Jo-Ann S.


"I used to be very athletic but ongoing hip pain from arthritis has created loss of muscle from disuse for years. Just a few months ago, I used to have to haul myself up the stairs with my arms. Now I'm climbing without pain no problem! This didn't happen overnight, but it happened pretty quickly. I now know how important muscle mass is to health and well-being. I tried many other ways to stay fit over the years but always ended up hurting my hip more and it was an endless cycle of frustration. With Super Smart, it's a safe, effective and powerful program which yields results!"  Bob D.



Find Dr.McGuff's book on Amazon

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