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Programs by Laura Skutch 

Laura Skutch, LMT, CWC is a Connecticut state licensed massage therapist and a certified wellness coach in practice for over 30 years. Laura helps clients recover from chronic pain syndromes using mind/body/spirit holistic principles.

Making Peace with Pain

A Holistic Perspective of Ego, Body, Mind and
A Course in Miracles.


Laura began her spiritual journey studying A Course in Miracles as a teenager. Her father Bob Skutch and step mother Judy Skutch Whitson, publishers of A Course in Miracles and founding members of The Foundation for Inner Peace, introduced her to the material prior to public distribution in the mid-1970's. She quickly became a serious student of the Course and attended morning study groups in the San Francisco Bay area with her parents Bob and Judy as well as with Bill Thetford, Jerry Jampolsky, Hugh and Gayle Prather, Franics Vaughan and Roger Walsh.

Laura wishes to bring her years of practice to your study group to discuss "Making Peace with Pain: a holistic perspective of ego, body and mind and
A Course in Miracles."


About Laura Skutch

Making Peace with Pain: A holistic perspective of ego, body and mind and

A Course in Miracles.


   A Course in Miracles is all about love. It’s all about how there are only two states of being, love and fear.  Love is real and true, fear is not. Or, in other words, what love creates is real and true and what fear creates is not. Our ego minds are powerful and creative and what we focus on tends to manifest situationally through our attention.


   A Course in Miracles focuses on what is "ultimately" true and that which ends or dies is not true. When we are in sickness and pain, it is very difficult to believe what is happening isn't "real."  Pain most certainly feels “real." And it IS "true", in relative terms. 

   Laura Skutch, LMT, CWC was present at the birth of A Course in Miracles in the world: her father is Bob Skutch and her step-mother is Judith Skutch Whitson of the Foundation for Inner Peace. Laura cut her spiritual teeth, so to speak, as a teenager on the principles of the Course and “Love as truth” is the touchstone upon which she has practiced in her daily spiritual life. Her perception as a young adult of The Course’s relatively strident approach to the body/ego did not serve her own physical healing of a 10 year back pain problem and indeed may have hampered her healing to some degree.


   This led Laura to a gentler view of the body/mind/spirit/ego and its relationship to health and healing. As a wellness coach and bodyworker, Laura combines the best of A Course in Miracles, Tibetan Buddhism, humanistic psychology and the revolutionary work of Dr. John Sarno of the Rusk Institute to bring the body back into the alignment as a “teaching and communication tool” that the Course says is its only true function. This approach has led to a complete healing of her own chronic pain patterns and those in a vast majority of her clients over the past thirty years.


   Laura is embarking on a sabbatical and listening tour in Florida in early 2018 and  is available to come and visit your ACIM group to answer questions, participate, discuss and talk on the topic of “Making Peace with Pain: A holistic perspective of ego, body and mind and A Course in Miracles."  

   Laura is also available professionally for individual in-person and online/phone coaching sessions.


"Having dealt with back pain off and on for years it was a great gift working with Laura in recognizing its source. Although I have been studying A Course in Miracles for forty three years it seemed I needed this wise woman to help me put into practice what I truly believed. The miracle for me was getting in touch with the stories I devised to keep me locked into false perceptions of guilt, recognizing this darkness and finally letting it go.  I am truly grateful."  Judy Skutch Whitson, founder of the Foundation for Inner Peace and publisher of A Course in Miracles.

Judy Skutch Whitson


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