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 Laura Skutch LMT, CWC

Laura Skutch, LMT, CWC is a Connecticut state licensed massage therapist and a certified wellness coach in practice for over 35 years. Laura helps clients recover from chronic pain syndromes using mind/body/spirit holistic principles. She is taking new clients for wellness coaching since retiring from her four decades as a massage therapist in Norwalk CT. She currently practices through Zoom or on the phone.

A Better Back Wellness Coaching and Bodywork

An effective holistic program of body/mind work based upon the revolutionary discoveries of Dr. John E. Sarno at the Rusk Rehabilitation Center of New York University.

Laura Skutch is delighted to offer an effective short-term pain elimination treatment for people suffering with pain of the back, neck, shoulder, hips, leg a related wrist, hand and foot pain. Her own experience with a difficult ten year chronic back and sciatic pain issue was completely resolved using the principles she teaches her clients. She has been free of pain for over thirty years. She has averaged over a 90% success rate using this method with people who have suffered with chronic pain often for years, often after multiple surgeries, treatments, etc.

Her approach is strongly rooted in mind/body/spirit healing and integrates body/mind work with wellness coaching for maximum efficacy. Her goal isn't to simply manage pain, but to eliminate the chronic pain pattern altogether. She routinely sees clients getting significantly better within one month's time.

 "In 4 visits my pain was gone and I now feel lighter and happier than I have in years.  I highly recommend Laura; she is the real deal!"

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Laura Skutch, LMT, CWC

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 Wellness Services

A Better Back Wellness Coaching is based on the revolutionary work of John E. Sarno of the Rusk Rehabilitation Center at New York University, this program serves to help completely eliminate the ongoing struggle with chronic back, neck, hip, shoulder, leg and related arm and hand pain. Wellness coaching helps the client to identify achievable and meaningful goals and then assists the client finding easily implementable strategies to achieve these goals. 

A Better Night's Sleep is a multifaceted approach that moves beyond conventional approaches to insomnia so as to address the underlying issues of sleep imbalances. The use of sound, light, herbs, resetting patterns, earthing, essential oils, nutriceuticals, minimizing electromagnetic influences and more is addressed to find the root causes of insomnia.

Super Smart Fitness for Bone Health achieves maximum fitness in minimum time using simple equipment at home. One of the most overlooked biomarkers of health is muscle mass and yet a shocking number of people succumb to severe health issues due to sarcopenia (muscle wasting after the age of 40), often with devastating consequences later in life. Based on the work of Dr. Doug McGuff and his "Body by Science" approach, it is possible to maintain muscle mass and bone health in only one 20 minute workout per week. The program is especially important for women with a bone density diagnosis, but is a great fitness approach for anyone wanting maximum gains in minimum time.

Better Gut Health and Help for IBS Irritable bowel syndrome, gut discomfort and a host of other digestive issues can be addressed through diet modifications and nutritional support. This program supports the journey to finding what works for you, and how to sustain a healthy and happy tummy.

Curb Hunger and Lose Weight Most of our irrational overeating comes from blood sugar imbalances and addition to high sugar carbohydrates which create and endless cycle of feeling unsatisfied resulting in cravings for foods that do not nourish us. By understanding that this is not a matter of "will power", but rather a serious yet manageable disturbance takes the "guilt" and self hate out of the equation. Once metabolic balance is achieved the cravings either disappear completely or are manageable. This approach is a slow and steady journey to address the underlying issues which keep the cycles of overeating, dieting and binging in check to achieve a healthy and peaceful coexistence with food.

Laura works in prepaid modules of three sessions for $395.00.



I have been pain free since seeing Laura.  She not only is a massage therapist, she is a healer. Her mind/body approach has been life changing for me. I can’t thank her enough.  Dan M.

"Having dealt with back pain off and on for years it was a great gift working with Laura in recognizing its source. Although I have been studying A Course in Miracles for forty three years it seemed I needed this wise woman to help me put into practice what I truly believed. The miracle for me was getting in touch with the stories I devised to keep me locked into false perceptions of guilt, recognizing this darkness and finally letting it go.  I am truly grateful."  Judy Skutch Whitson, founder of the Foundation for Inner Peace and publisher of A Course in Miracles..






I lived with arm and elbow pain for 10 years, convinced it was pointless to expect any better. Laura only asked that I be open to a new possibility. Hey, why not? She used a mind-body method that has been proven so effective, it makes surgeons and chiropractors a little nervous. You don’t needs tons of sessions, nor do you need to pay $1000s to get cut open. It includes great massages, some reading, some re-thinking your approach to your body.

If you’re committed to the process and do the “mind work,” I can almost guarantee that your pain will go away. Mine has. Isn’t it nice to know that our bodies are much stronger than we think? Laura has a formidable grasp of this approach. I highly recommend her as a practitioner and partner in your health.  


Mark S.

It always feels terrific to get a massage, but the effects are soon gone. What is different about Laura is the effort she makes to help you discover the source of the tension that causes back pain. When you become aware of that mind body connection, you are better able to manage the tension and reduce back pain for yourself. An ordinary massage is nice, but it is like being given a fish. Laura's method is to give you a fishing pole and teach you to fish for yourself.


David P.

I've been using "A Better Back Massage Therapy" for almost 12 years!! I feel it is a wonderful program for stress management and maintenance! Besides the excellent professional service it is great to discuss with Laura the physical aspects of how to cope with stress and incorporate practical steps to keep ahead of or even with it. I would highly recommend a visit to anyone!! 

A Google User

Given my extremely physical lifestyle I have had the opportunity to experience the full range of physical therapies over the years. It is not a stretch to say that Laura is simply the best I have met. Anywhere. She has great knowledge of the body and soul and approaches your needs from a methodical and holistic perspective. Laura has helped me through a number of injuries that eluded other practitioners across many disciplines.


A Google User

I have been a weekly customer of Laura Skutch and A Better Back Massage Therapy for over ten years. It has made a huge difference in my state of mind, overall stress level and virtually eliminated chronic back, leg and foot pain. Laura's knowledge of the human body, including musculature, the nervous system and various pressure points, combined with a mind/body approach makes her the ideal massage therapist.  



Jennifer K.

I've had total relief after completing Laura's treatment plan for back pain. I continue to incorporate massage therapy into an ongoing wellness program. A Better Back Massage Therapy is an excellent resource that I highly recommend to anyone seeking stress reduction and pain relief.


A Google User

If you have any type of chronic back or neck pain I highly recommend scheduling a massage therapy session with Laura Skutch. I have had a mild, but annoying pain in the right side of my neck for years. I was convinced that the pain was due to a structural problem with my spine based on an MRI and X-rays I had done a couple a years ago. After one session with Laura talking about Dr. Sarno’s theory that most back pain is due to stress, not structural problems, the pain in my neck disappeared! I am sure the pain in my neck will return, but understanding that the pain is stress related and not the result of a chronic structural deficiency in my spine is tremendously reassuring. I am very thankful to Laura for her care and incredibly insightful guidance. 


A Google User

My sessions with Laura Skutch were life changing. I finally came to understand that stress is the source of the lower back pain that I’d been dealing with for at least 4 years. Laura expertly and compassionately guided me through the principles of Dr. John Sarno’s book, The Mind Body Prescription, and helped me to understand how to apply them through examination of my own personal story. Her unique combination of skilled massage, and thoughtful guidance in exploring my own stress triggers, allowed me in only a few short weeks, to reclaim the active lifestyle I thought I’d lost. She really has changed my life! 


Carolyn F.

Laura Skutch helped heal my chronic back pain and helped me learn to deal with the underlying anxiety that was causing the pain. For years my upper back, shoulder blades, and neck were full of painful muscle knots. My body always felt tense. Sometimes the pain was so bad it kept me from sleeping and from relaxing and enjoying life. I went to several doctors and tried acupuncture, yoga, chiropractic, massage therapy, and Chinese herbs. Nothing was a permanent solution. I knew my back pain was caused by stress, but I didn't know how to stop my stress from causing the pain.

Then I found Laura Skutch. I went to her because she combined massage therapy with stress-reduction, which sounded like exactly what I needed. It was. My back pain is significantly reduced thanks toLaura. In a few short weeks, I've learned how to stop the pain right when it begins. Laura is compassionate, knowledgeable, and fun to work with.

Laura is an excellent massage therapist, and thanks to her guidance, I now understand how to manage my stress. My back feels better and I feel calmer and happier in general. I give Laura my highest recommendation. If you suffer from back and/or neck pain, you should make an appointment today. 


Bob D.
As a long-time beneficiary of Laura's massage skills, I have no hesitation in highly recommending her practice to anyone in need of stress and pain reduction. I count myself very fortunate to have her exceptional and professional massage therapy available in my neighborhood.


William G.

Laura's method really works and keeps working! I had sciatic pain for years. Doctors gave me various medications and support garments among other things which had no impact on the pain. My lower back started to hurt in 2008 and was unable to walk for two weeks. I tried a pain management clinic but didn't see much change. I found Laura Skutch and after my first massage I felt fabulous and the pain disappeared shortly after beginning treatments with her. It was gone- really gone - two years ago now and I haven't had back pain since. I live in Westchester County and drive 45 minutes each way to see Laura in Norwalk on a regular basis for ongoing stress reduction bodywork and wellness coaching. 

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